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Other than being a little short, one problems was that the drop was a bit underwhelming. However, the melody for the drop is brilliant. I would love to see this expanded.

ZxOOxZ responds:

Thanks but yea I donâEUTMt know about going further with this project, O.o unless like im totally out of ideas!! XD thanks for the review!

Really liked it overall. The vocals really match with this folk style.

Linktrx responds:

Thanks so much!

Totally into this kind of shit. The guitar composition is a bit too simple for me and the song just seems to die at the end. Also, was this all recorded or did you use sound packs? The drums sound beautiful here and I would love to get my hands on a pack that sounds this nice.

ResEve responds:

The drums are the only prelooped thing in this song, everything else was me literally playing on my keyboard for my computer, but now I have my real keyboard hooked up to my computer so any new songs that may come out by me will be a lot better lol.

Beat was awesome. The rap could use a bit a work but enjoyable overall. Also, the voice recording stuck out a bit too much. I haven't worked with voice recordings too much, however, meshing it in would improve it nicely. Great song.

TFreezyTFZ responds:

Thanks man, but umm...your advice would of helped about a year and a half ago though man lol. That's how old this is.

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This is insane. Enjoyed every second of it. I'd like to know, how did you achieve the lead guitar sound used at the start of 2:09?

tomdink responds:

Thank you so much!! :D Well, the instrument was just a clean electric guitar and then I added the Amp Simulation (to give it that crunchy sound... don't know if crunchy is really a great adjective there but that is all that comes to mind :P). I also added Distortion and Overdrive effects. Thanks a lot for the review!! (I have some other cool songs with electric guitars. I will PM you the names)

Sick mix. Are you using the Glitch VST by any chance?

Theledge93 responds:

why yes i am! thank you for noticing. I have been thinking about trying effectrix, but i really like how well Glitch works. I just pop it into the mixer, and let it's random generator make the effects, and it usually comes out way better than i can program in.

Great track. It feels a bit too short. Also, layering the snare would make it sound less empty and sound more powerful. Still pretty goo overall.

I would love to hear this as an expanded tune.

Great effort put into this song. The flow of everything is excellent.

weemeee responds:

Thanks for the review!
Glad you enjoyed it!

It truly is a catchy song. I love the simplicity of the song. Smoothing out the transition that starts at 1:13 would improve it greatly. Also the song sounds awkward when the bass drum suddenly changes from the downbeat to the upbeat, especially when the tune accompanying it stays exactly the same in the exact same time signature.

bornacar responds:

I know...I am still working on that transition. As for the bass drum change I personally like it cause its unusual. Anyway thank you very much for the review.

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